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AI automation allows your entire organisation to be always-on, streamlining processes to provide continuous business continuity. to accomplish intelligent digital operations.

Analyze and redesign the business’s workflow Choose the right automation tools and figure out how they’ll integrate into your business’s overall structure. Implement targeted automated proofs of concept quickly. Automate corporate processes, make them self-repairing, and gain valuable insights by using artificial intelligence.

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DBes Technologies, a young software firm, fuses cutting-edge technology with seasoned skills to deliver high-quality IT solutions and services worldwide. We want to integrate the advancements and commercial practises needed for innovative, intelligent method. DBes focuses on Price Ensures Engineering and technology-driven Enterprise Solutions, and we use our customers' domain experience to reinforce and improve our contributions.

Business Process Automation

Business automation services (also referred to as “business process automation services”) cover a wide range of activities, from counselling on how to best automate a company to putting in place and continually improving an automated system. The primary goal of these services is to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. We provide consulting services and hands-on support for launching and improving SharePoint, Office 365, Power Apps, and Power Automate-based workflow automation systems, as well as industry-specific, end-to-end process automation and self-service portals.

By industry

  1. Establishing a new bank account.
  2. Acceptance of Credit.
  3. Quantifying and monitoring expenditures.
  4. Verifying the history of a customer (banking and insurance).
  5. Facilitating customer service using automated chatbots (banking and insurance).
  6. Cost estimation for insurance coverage (insurance).
  7. Payment processing claims (insurance).
  1. Revision management for manufactured goods.
  2. Maintaining an accounting of stock.
  3. Checkups of the property in question.
  4. Scheduling and tracking of jobs.
  5. Manage the quality.
    Adjusting the settings of the machinery.
  6. Checking the health of machines from afar.
    Safeguarding the well-being of the workforce through regular checks.
  1. Appointment setting.
    Taking in a new patient.
    Care of medical files.
  2. Monitoring a patient’s health remotely.
  3. Scheduling hospital lighting with intelligence.
  4. Automation of health care billing and payment.
  5. Electronic filing of medical claims is becoming a reality.
  6. Audits in the medical industry.
  1. The administration of a product catalogue.
  2. Navigation in a Warehouse.
  3. Maintaining an accounting of stock.
  4. Handling returns.
  5. Automation of customer support tasks.
  6. information gathering and reporting regarding retail sales and related data.
  1. Keeping an eye on how well a network is functioning.
  2. Sending out media materials.
  3. Requisition management including making and keeping tabs on orders.
  4. It’s time to automate billing.
  5. Limiting spending is a priority.
  6. Accumulating debts and collecting payments.
  7. Checking for FCC conformity.

By Business function

  1. Keep an eye on stock levels.
  2. Automatic warnings when supplies go low.
  3. Monitoring the status of an order’s completion.
  4. The site for the supplier community.
  1. Administration of contracts.
  2. Tracing of AP and AR.
  3. Budgeting and reporting of expenditures.
  4. Compute and file tax returns.
  5. Invoices are generated automatically.
  6. Declaring one’s financial status.
  7. Collecting dues or other payments mechanically.
  8. Cost estimation process computerised.
  9. Monitoring actual expenditures, planned expenditures, and discrepancies.
  10. Earnings are computed in real time.
  11. Keeping an eye on your cash flow in real time.
  12. Funds will be transferred on the predetermined date.
  1. Organization of human resources records.
  2. Seeking out potential candidates.
  3. Recruitment monitoring.
  4. Staff onboarding and offboarding.
  5. Developmental training for existing staff.
  6. Controlling requests made by staff.
  7. Timetables for evaluating workers’ performance.
  8. Care of the payroll.
  9. Organizing one’s time at work.
  10. Reporting on the advantages.
  11. Logging time off work.
  12. Self-service platform for staff members.
  1. Distribution and publication of promotional materials.
  2. Promote growth by taking the helm in nurturing (e.g., via social media).
  3. The automation of advertising initiatives.
  4. Substituting automated emails for manual ones.
  5. Producing sales leads.
  6. Treatment of claims.
  7. Finding a price for anything.
  8. Acceptance of pricing/proposal terms.
  9. Discounts on products are figured out.
  1. Access to information by the customer independently (e.g., a portal, a knowledge base).
  2. To schedule by email.
    Exchange of Information with Customers (e.g., live chat, chatbots, virtual assistants).
  3. Making and monitoring support tickets.

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Digital Process Automation

Quickly automate both one-time and recurring business operations (such onboarding new employees or approving invoices) with minimal effort using a digital process automation (DPA) platform. To tailor DPA solutions to the unique requirements of an organisation, IT departments and even business users can take advantage of low-code development tools. Enterprise systems (such as ERP, CRM, HRMS, CMS, ITSM), file management and collaboration tools, e-signature and electronic mail services, and many others can all be linked with DPA software.

By industry

  1. Appointment setting.
  2. Taking in a new patient.
  3. Care of medical files.
  4. Audit for observance of rules and regulations.
  1. Acquiring new clients.
  2. Establishing a new bank account.
  3. Acceptance of Credit.
  1. It’s been given the go light to release a brand new product.
  2. Handling requests for repairs or replacement of equipment.
  1. Acceptance of new material.
    Initiation and validation of claims.
  2. Receipts and invoices to customers.
  3. Legal digging.
  4. Department-specific


  1. Recruitment monitoring.
  2. Induction of new workers.
  3. Developmental training for staff
  4. Controlling requests made by staff.
  5. Evaluation of Work Performance.
  1. Care of the payroll.
  2. Editing and processing of
  3. AP documents.
  4. Controlling costs.
  1. Acceptance of Suppliers.
  2. Acknowledgement of a request to buy.
  3. Putting in an order for something.
  4. Receipt of payment on invoice.
  1. Producing sales leads.
    Treatment of claims.
    Finding a price for anything.
    The approbation of a quotation.
  1. Promote growth by taking the helm in nurturing (e.g., from social media).
  2. Diagramming the customer’s experience.
  1. Ticketing.
  2. Controlling one’s IT assets.
  3. Conducting inspections of IT safety systems.

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