SuSUP LMS System

The SuSUP LMS System is a prebuilt PHP learning management system that includes all of the advanced features necessary to deliver the world's finest in class learning management system. This system is known as the SuSUP LMS.Made with love.

Advanced Features
Top class features available in market
Simple Dashboard
Prebuilt for anyone
Social Media Login
Facebook and Google login added
Courses , Quiz & Live class
Multi Payment Gateways


Several aspects that we take great pride in


You are able to build an endless number of courses, each of which can contain a quiz and various upload sources.


Create a quiz tailored to your specifications, post it, and give students the option to pay for it or take it for free.

Live class

Zoom is included with the programme for those who want to attend the live session.


Support for the public instructor option, with the ability to disable it if the administrator wishes to run a single-teacher LMS.


More Features

It's a Huge Area! You'll find that Infix has many more additional features than you'd normally find in a comprehensive solution.

Public Instructor

Single Instructor

Drip content

Clean Code Quality

Multi Lingual

Fully Responsive

Supports RTL

Themes & Colors Styling Options


Referral System

Inbuilt Backup Tool

Drag & Drop

QA Section

Student Profile

Instructor Profile

Live statistics

Video Resume Play

Course Download – PDF, Zip

Course Search

Course Rating

Quiz for Course


Email Template

Commission system


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